The Opening

Working on Just A Girl has been one of the most rewarding writing experiences I’ve ever had. If you’ve kept up with my tweets you have gotten tidbits from the book 140 characters at a time.

While the book isn’t quite finished yet, mostly due to having so many memories I have to slice and dice, I figured I would give you guys a sneak peek.

Here is what is to be the opening of Just A Girl:


There are so many ways to describe what I have become. So many explanations I could give to those willing to listen. Different insights I could give to all the nonsense and misunderstood moments that have created the individual I am today. Several reasons I could give for the accomplishment, no matter how minimal to the outside world.

Those who do not know me well would consider me to be a well-adjusted person who has managed to bring myself out of the fire. Those who have crossed me see a monster that wreaks havoc on unsuspecting people. Those who know my pain see me as a wounded animal, fearful of life and all that it encompasses. Those who truly know me inside and out have encountered the strong, confident self along with the person full of pain protected by a hell of a mean streak.

No matter how you come to know me, there is nothing more believable than the truth. There is a bit of lie in every truth and a bit of truth in every lie. Each story told has more than one side and can be seen from each possible angle of a complete circle. My life has been more than what I can tell but it is less than what anyone can say about me.

Every cause has an effect and every action has a reaction. I have been hurt and slighted in my past but I have also hurt and slighted others. Sometimes it was to seek revenge, in other scenarios it was just because I could.

The major thing that matters in all triumphs and mistakes are the lesson learned. If we don’t learn from our lives we gain nothing from our own existence. There is nothing worse than repeating the same behavior over and over. People say a repetition of things expecting different results is insanity. And to be honest, I am nearly insane.

The things I have been through, the things I have witnessed and the things I have done have caused me to become a person I am not readily able to recognize. Looking in the mirror is a chore that I would rather not complete. If I look, I am forced to see myself for who no one else sees – a scared, angry, shell of what I could be.

In my life there are so many things that could be blamed on others. However, I am responsible for my own actions and reactions. I am the commander of my ship and even if it is infiltrated, it is up to solely me to protect my ship. I have failed in protecting my vessel from storms, strong winds and outside forces only to come out of it with tattered sails and a leaky hull. Amazingly so, I am still afloat. I have still managed to continue on my journey and not fall to the depth of the sea of nothing, never to be found again.

Sane or not, Happy or not, Confident or not; I am still me. I am still moving and trying to be better than I was yesterday. I am only what I allow myself to be. And after all the trials and triumphs I must remember, I am just a girl.


Hope you enjoyed it.

Until next time.

Thought Provoking

Your eyes get me every time
First thing I see in my mind
Can’t get enough of your smile
Sit back and daydream a while
Your hands on the small of my back
It’s easy to feel you when I relax
Laughter echoes in my ear
Constantly wishing you were near
All the happiness you brought
It’s all embedded inside my thoughts
Never expected to fall so deep
Await to see you again when I sleep

Allergies and Degrees

Yesterday I spent the majority of the day in bed. Aside from a horrible stomach ache, my allergies were at it again.

Growing up I was guaranteed to be knocked down by my allergies for a couple days, once a year. Now, if the temperature fluctuates just a bit I’m sneezing and resemble Roscoe from the television show Martin; nose running faster than I can grab a tissue.

Over the weekend the weather was gorgeous. It was the first real sign of Spring in Philly and everyone was out and about, enjoying the days. After the rainstorm on Tuesday, the temp dropped about 35 degrees.

Being stuck in the bed gave me an opportunity to mentally reflect on my current work, Just A Girl. It helped me remember those times when my allergies would kick my tail so bad that I missed out on some cool activities with friends and family. If my memory served me correctly, I also kept myself out of some situations that could have been detrimental to my life at the time.

So, in retrospect, I guess my allergies aren’t half bad. They forced me to take a moment and focus on something truly important, which is my next book. Also, they kept me from going out and having to endure the cold air that filtered back into the city.

I may have been uncomfortable but at least I was warm and got portions of my project done. 😉

Until next time.

If You Don’t Laugh…

by Stuart Miles courtesy of

by Stuart Miles courtesy of

A close friend of mine always says, “If you don’t laugh, you cry.”

That statement couldn’t be furthest from the truth.

There are so many things going on in this world that can make the strongest person shed a tear. War, famine, and regular injustices plague our world at an alarming rate. Every day there is a story about some tragedy that could have been avoided by softer hearts.

For this reason I created I Mean, Really Dude. It’s a way for me to laugh at the things that I would normally cry over. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not insensitive. It’s just I would rather see the hilarity and irony out of things.

In no way do I find the pain of others a matter to take lightly but I do find the ironic reality hilarious.

For instance, a man stabbing his own brother over a video game. The situation is a tragedy but the fact that siblings kill or hurt one another over things so minimal gets my sarcasm going. Why can’t we love each other more? Why can’t we be less aggressive? Was the game that important?

I look at everything as a means of learning. Each situation is an opportunity for us to look at our lives in a cynical way. If we spend all our time being serious, we lose sight of what is really important. Sometimes you have to smile to avoid the stress that comes with life.

It may seem like I am crazy for saying so, but as sad as the world’s issues are, I need to laugh at certain things to keep from feeling depressed.

Like how the government overlooks the problems of our own country to fight another. Sad, right? Now think about how they are so in debt from other wars that forging another one is asinine. See the hilarity?

It’s a dark humor, but humor none the less.

I could totally lose supporters and fans for admitting such a thing. Honestly, I don’t mind. If you can’t see my point, that is all right. But I would rather be honest about it and not lie to you.

Would you respect me more if I told the truth or if I pretended to not be the way I am?

Being an empathetic person, I feel the pain of others without knowing them. Do you know the amount of depression I incur due to being bipolar? If I don’t laugh, I’ll go crazy.

Don’t be alarmed. I don’t go around laughing at other people’s pain. I do, however, give myself the opportunity to see the laughter in life. Some things can’t be laughed at, but most things have an irony to them.

Kind of like the Malaysian plane that went missing. By far, I do not find the hurt and pain of the families funny. I pray they find solace in the memories of their loved ones. I do, however, find it sarcastically ironic that the governments looking for the plane fed us the cockamamie stories about finding the plane debris, than not finding it, than finding it again, than not finding it, than finding it again to end the search. I mean, really???

No matter how many examples I give I’ll either seem really cold-hearted or really strong for not allowing things to get to me. It’s up to you how you see what I am saying.

All I can do is be honest about it and ask that you try to see my point of view without judgment.

If you still aren’t convinced that I mean everything with the sincerest of intentions, check out I Mean, Really Dude for yourself. I am very selective about the stories I cover. Like I said, some things CAN’T be laughed at but most things will bring you slight relief in its tragic nature.

Before you close your mind to it, give it a try. Sarcasm eases the pain we would normally feel if we allow it.

Until next time.

When Is The Last Time

Bright Sky



When is the last time you allowed yourself to enjoy the natural beauty of this world?

When is the last time that you took time out of your busy day in order to smell some flowers?

When is the last time you closed your eyes and breathed in the air around you?

When is the last time that you took a long walk just to enjoy the elegance of the day?

When is the last time you pushed your issues aside to stare up at the clouds as they passed by?

When is the last time that you volunteered with the youth, the elderly or the needy in your town?

When is the last time you gave someone your shoulder to cry on or your ear to listen?

When is the last time that you forgot about your worries and gave in to someone else’s sorrow?

When is the last time you bought your loved ones a gift for absolutely no other reason but to let them know they were important?

When is the last time that you wrote a letter expressing how much you loved your significant other?

When is the last time you told your mother, father, sister, brother that you loved and appreciated them?

When is the last time that you told your children that you were proud of them and thankful for them?

When is the last time you swallowed your complaints about work in order to give it your best?

When is the last time that you stopped to give someone younger than you sound advice?

When is the last time you provided a sense of comfort for a neighbor in distress?

When is the last time that you realized that everything wasn’t about you and there are more important things in this world?

When was the last time? Tell me.

Man, You’re Old

By hywards courtesy of

By hywards courtesy of

When I was young, any time my mother didn’t know how to use anything involving the computer, me and my sisters would say, “Man, you’re old.” My dad was, and still is, a technological genius, so even if we wanted to breathe the word “old” in that regard, we couldn’t. We always had the latest gadgets in our home, so I was always ahead of the curve growing up.

Now, not so much.

My teenage daughter is constantly calling me old when I ask for her help with one site or another. Or when I am not 100% sure how a particular program works. Everything has changed since I was young and at an alarmingly fast pace too.

Over the weekend I found myself taking courses, trying to figure out certain websites that I’m not great with. It’s quite embarrassing.

I still haven’t gotten Vine down to a science with all its possibilities in a few short seconds and I don’t take photos enough to use Instagram. Pinterest reminds me of a cork board with way too many ideas going on and using LinkedIn makes me feel like an outcast trying to be a part of the in crowd. YouTube videos are fun to watch but uploading them is a pain in the neck when the audio and video don’t sync up right. Blogger has too few gadgets while WordPress has too many and I’m never sure of which ones will work perfectly for my style.

Those aren’t the only popular sites I struggle with getting the hang of either. Seriously, do you know how long it took me to get used to Twitter and its 140 characters, hashtags and trends?!

Sadly, these and others are sites I need for work. They tend to leave me confused and with a headache if I stay on too long. Having to go from one site to another to generate buzz and network with fellow literary folk has me cross-eyed most days.

Regardless of all the websites, gadgets and programs, I will get back ahead of the curve. Not just for work purposes, but also because I loved when people came to me with tech questions and I could give them more than the DUH look.

Besides, anything is better than hassling my teen and hearing, “Man, you’re old.”

Until next time.

5 Things You May Not Know

By Stuart Miles courtesy of

By Stuart Miles courtesy of

The one thing that a writer needs to become successful is for their supporters to know a bit about them. Doing this gives readers a more in-depth view into the person whom is creating stories that engage them. The more fans know about a writer, the more confident they feel about the work that comes from them.

In celebration of the rapidly approaching 5 year anniversary of my writing career. Here are five things that you may not know.

  • MY NAME CAN BE CONFUSING: In most situations, a writer has one pseudonym in which they are known by. Due to the setup of most social networks, Trina Lynne is what people see. So, I have no say so on the space in my name for most social media, articles and blog posts. However, my pen name is actually TrinaLynne without a space in the middle. This can be seen on work I publish as well as interviews I’ve given. It can be a bit confusing for supporters and fans. Don’t be alarmed; I won’t get upset if you use either one, but I prefer TrinaLynne.


  • WRITING IS AWESOME BUT HELPING IS BETTER: Anyone who knows me is aware that I love to write. Truth be told, as much as I would like to be an accomplished writer, I would rather help others pursue their writing careers. Assisting others in their writing ventures is a passion of mine. I am able to see things that they don’t and give them another avenue they may not have considered traveling. I tend to spend the majority of my days assisting other writers. It may cut in to the time I spend writing my own works, but I truly don’t mind. If I can help mold a writer beyond what they expect, it is more satisfying than seeing my name in print.


  • WRITING IS NOT MY ONLY LOVE: Many think that writing is my first love and passion in this world. You wouldn’t be wrong for assuming so. In actuality, however, music shares the number one spot with writing. When I was younger, aside from being a prolific writer, I wanted to also be a composer of music. Growing up, I sung and played the flute, piccolo, and baritone saxophone. While being prolific is high on my bucket list, composing a symphony is on the list as well. Also, if you didn’t know, I write songs. It allows me to put the two loves together. Oftentimes, while writing, music is playing in the background with selections that compliment the genre in which I’m working on. Words drive me but music helps me feel the words that I write.


  • MANY HATS DON MY HEAD: I wear many hats. In my personal life, I am a teacher for my children in which I home school, an adviser for those younger than I, and a fighter for those who need to be protected from opposition(verbally, of course). In my professional life, I am an author, a poet, a journalist, a songwriter, a playwright, an editor, a proofreader, a consultant, a marketer, a debater, a speaker, an advocate, a comedian and all around businesswoman. There are so many ways to characterize myself and my abilities. The hats I wear day by day are a show of my many talents and the foundations on which I want to be remembered.


  • IT’S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY: My career path has the capability of being quite lucrative if I put in the correct amount of work and effort. However, I could care less about money. I mean, of course I want to be able to financially take care of myself and my loved ones. Truth be told, it would mean so much more if I leave behind a positive memory rather than a pile of money. I strive to be remembered long after I perish and I want the future generations to know me as a positive voice in this world. Money runs out eventually but a prominent, positive legacy lives on forever.


That’s it for now. I hope you’ve learned some new things about me that give  you a better understanding of who I am and what I set to carry out.

If you feel that you want to know more about me from reading this list, no worries. I’ll be sure to do another ‘Things You May Not Know’ soon.

By the way, now that you know some things about me, what are some things you want me to know about you? You never know, I could aid you in accomplishing your goals. As I said in #2, I love to help.

Until next time.